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The chemical industry has an important share in Turkey's production and exports. With a production value of 116.9 billion TL, the chemical industry has a share of approximately 12% from the total industrial production, and the share of employment in the chemical industry in the manufacturing industry is around 8%. One of the partners of the European Union in foreign trade is Turkey. Turkey has an important place in the foreign trade of the EU with a rate of 10.9%. The chemical industry, which is one of the top 3 industries in industrialized countries, is also an indicator of development.

While 23% of the products produced by the chemical industry in Turkey reach the consumer directly, 77% are used as intermediate goods or raw materials in other sectors. The primary problem of the chemical industry, which makes a significant contribution to our economy and other sectors, is the inadequacy of domestic production in raw materials. The chemical industry is heavily dependent on imports, both in terms of raw materials and technology. This situation makes it very important to be able to supply the raw materials needed by the Turkish market, one of the world's most important producers.

Kimyatic responds quickly and reliably to the needs of the sector in this regard with its wide product range and supply capability, which allows it to enter many sectors from plastic products, mineral oils and fuels, pharmaceutical and medical products, paint and cosmetics.


The chemical industry, which creates different demands in logistics services with its many different sub-sectors, includes important elements from supply to distribution. Chemical logistics must be carried out in accordance with high safety and quality standards, as special conditions are needed.

Thanks to the strong supply chain it has established with the world's major chemical manufacturers, Kimyatic offers its customers a wide range of products for your production needs with a source-to-door delivery business model.

Using its years of experience and knowledge in the field of logistics in the transportation of the chemical products it supplies, Kimyatic carries out the logistics services it offers via land, sea and rail, with transportation modes suitable for the structure of the product.


Each of the products that we generalize as chemical substances has its own characteristics. For this reason, Kimyatic, which develops innovative projects considering the structure of the chemical products to be supplied and the sectors in which they are used, is able to develop the most effective business models thanks to the effective communication it has with its customers.